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The bottom line is professionalism matters! When looking to create a website or video whether customized or from a template, the way it looks matters. It represents YOU!  Future Business Marketing (FBM) understands this need and has put together SEO friendly WordPress templates and can use Adobe After Effects video files to take your business to the next level. Whether you looking for a website facelift or a new website design, FBM website and video design is the solution. Our WordPress Search Engine Optimized websites bring a level of unprecedented professionalism. If you’re looking to wow/woo your audience, engage them with a professional and powerful flash video intro. We’ve put together 3 packages to help take your business to the next level.  

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FBM Web Design & Video  

EVERYTHING you’ll receive in FBM’s Custom Website & Video…

  • Know EXACTLY What You’re Getting. Every page created for your site contains Grade “A” page rank for the highest Google positions possible.
  • Administrator Account. We know your business is changing and growing all the time. That’s why we’ve created training videos to show you exactly how to add/edit content on your website.
  • SEO FriendlyAlthough we have a Search Engine Optimization program that drives high quality traffic to your website, your website will be search engine optimization friendly. Meaning, people will find your website when searching for your business name online. Many webdesign companies do not understand this important feature.  
  • Google Map Placement. We provide you with Google Map placement so your business can receive FREE web traffic. Don’t second guess, let our trained experts handle your Google Map needs.
  • FREE Website and Video Hosting. If you purchase either one of our services “Search Engine Optimization” or our “Loyalty Rewards Program,” web and video hosting are FREE. Normally, hosting is $50/mo (each) for website or video hosting.
  • One-on-One Support. We know you want to get up and running fast. Therefore, we provide you with your own customer representative to communicate with you via telephone, email or instant messenger. We accomodate your needs.
  •  Rewards Program IntegrationOnce your website is created, we can integrate custom reward program loyalty sign-up forms or email capture forms on your website.
  • Deep Customization. If you want a little something extra, if you have an idea in mind. Talk to your customer representative about how we can make it work. Our trained veterans can accomplish any need you have. Additional charges may apply for work outside the scope of the project.
FBM Getting Started Steps


  • Website Templates – Find a web design or template you like. We will then create a customized website with the professional look and feel you desire. WordPress are great web platforms (highly recommend, especially if looking at SEO packages) to look at when choosing a content management system (CMS).
  • Video Templates – Go to and select a template that matches you company image and website.
  • Picture Flash in Website –  We provide picture flash on websites as part of the package.
  • After Effects Video – AE is the same software movies like Star Wars or any action film contain. AE takes our companies website to a whole new level of professionalism. We add the necessary pictures and video to your AE template. Additional work outside of the templates structure may require additional charges.


  • Content Text. – Send us your content or let us create content for you (additional charges may apply) and we will upload to your website.
  • Images – Send us your images and we will upload to your website wherever you like OR we can provide Royalty Free pictures of our own.
  • Video – Send us your video or YouTube uploads and we’ll embed them on your website.
  • Future Editing –  WordPress is easy to use, hence the reason we highly recommend this CMS. We can provide videos to explain how easy it is to edit or add pages in the future.


  • Initial Contact – Once you employ services we’ll immediately contact you.
  • Experience – Our trained team will help you make the best design decisions.
  • Continual Support – We will continue to stay in contact until job completion.
  • 100% Satisfaction – We will work on your website until you say it’s right! We will work until you agree and say “all objectives have been met.” Future Edits are not covered in the original contract.

Local Google Map Power


  • Google Power means we know what Google needs to find your website in Google Maps. This is a bonus feature we normally setup inside our SEO packages.
  • Google Locator means Google will find your store or business when people search for your business in your area.
  • Targeted Visitors means we will use the right “Keywords” inside our Google Business Center so the right customers find you.
  • Hands Free means we take care of the headaches and have been down this road before. Google maps are a huge source of traffic if completed successfully. Our trained staff of professionals will get your website found.


  • Step 1 – Find a Webdesign or Template You Like. We do all the customization.
  • Step 2 – Gather Content & Images . Put together content and images, or tell us to do it all!
  • Step 3 – Work One-on-One with Our Staff Until Completion. Once you have chosen your design and content, our staff will work one-on-one with you until your website is comple and your 100% satsified with your new website design and/or new video design.

Choose Your FBM Web Design & Video Package: Web Design, AE Video, or ULTRA

Future Business Marketing is creating top notch, high quality websites and videos for any business desiring the Professional Image BIG Business demands.
FBM Web Design & After Effects Video comes in three levels of service – Single Web Design, Single AE Video and The Ultra Package. You can finally have the level of professionalism you’ve been looking for at a cost that is very affordable.
*Please note, deep customized websites will require additional costs and price will very per website and video.

web design starter package

FBM Video Package

Local SEO Ultra Package

IMPORTANT: What Happens if You Receive Extra Complements  & Business?

WARNING, a professional website and After Effects video can drive and convert massive web traffic. Customers have been known to flood business stores and bring business owners BIG CASH for their good looking website and video :). .

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100% satisfaction The 12 Month Satisfaction Guarantee  

We guarantee the look and feel of your website. We promise to deliver 100%              professionalism and support to help take your business look and feel to the next level.  Work one-on-one with a designated staff member via phone, email or instant messenger and receive first class treatment. We will deliver professional, quality work above and beyond your expectations. If it’s not right the first time, we’ll make it right!


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Between the video and details provided above, there should be no question what will happen to your business with a Professional Website Design and After Effects Video, what it does and what it WILL do for your business. Professional delievery in today’s society is a must! And with FBM, it’s never been so cost effective for any business! To get started immediately, just click the “Get Started Today” button below. We’ll see you inside. 🙂  

Professional Web Design & Video!


Questions call 800-664-1214

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