I am asked all the time if our loyalty rewards software can integrate with online shopping carts. The answer is, “Absolutely!” We have state of the art software that uses a SOAP API call you use to call our rewards software. Powered with Unlimited email marketing and SMS Mobile Rewards, the API Loyalty Shopping cart is a great solution.

How Does it Work?

As online marketer, your looking for ways to reward you’re clients/customers for the online shopping experiences and keep them coming back for more. After all, there are probably other companies in your niche offering lower prices and worse service. So, outside of good customer service, how do you keep them coming back for more.

Rewards. If done properly, loyalty rewards can add tremendous value to your end users experience. Using our software, you will have the ability to assign point values to specific products using promo codes. Each product you sell will use the same point value system you choose to create i.e. 1pt = $1 or 1pt = $10; whatever fits your business model.

When a transaction takes place, points are always assigned using this method and specific promo codes give your customers discounts. When the transaction fires it calls our SOAP API and post the transaction in the software. After the transaction, specific email/SMS triggers are sent that have been created in the setup process.

Shopping Cart Rewards

If your thinking about shopping cart rewards integration, give us a call. Our power house loyalty software can take your sales and freedom of time to a whole new level. We pride ourselves on the automation features giving you the freedom and flexibility you have always wanted.

Learn more about the software here, or be sure to click the Live Chat link to speak with an agent now!

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