I hear the question all the time, “Can our business use your rewards software if we:

1. Do not have a Point of Sale (POS) System or..
2. Do not wish to integrate with our POS system.”

Good news, the answer is YES!

Internet Based Reward Software

FBM’s reward program software is internet based, so we do not require or need POS integration for our software to work. If your business has internet access, you can access our software via your current POS system, IPads, Tablets, Smart Phones, or any other device that has internet access.

The primary means for accessing the software, inside your business, is for transaction posting. There are many rewards programs on the market that do not require POS integration; however they are unable to keep an accurate track of dollar value point tracking. They simply reward customers per visit.

FBM rewards end user customer on the exact dollar value spent. You reward customers on the rules you set up and put in place (FBM actually sets this up for you in the setup process.). This gives complete control over your rewards program.

Is POS Integration Available?

Yes, we integrate with POS systems. More information about POS integration can be found here

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